“Short haul” sailing trips gain popularity among tourists
Tourists who do not want to forsake the security of dry land and the comfort of their hotel rooms or rented suites but still want to “smell” the sea and see the wind fill their sails – that has almost timidly begun making an appearance at several places all down the Croatian coast. One of these places is the town of Hvar, which was among the first to recognize the lack of this service and decided to fill in the void, taking advantage of the divinely bequeathed wealth of Hvar’s surrounding marine environment, the Pakleni Islands...
Published / objavljeno: 12 tra 2016 01:22:21
35. novogodišnja regata Hvar/Laser Europa Cup
35. novogodišnja regata Hvar/ Laser Europa Cup
Published / objavljeno: 15 srp 2015 09:20:00
10.Regata Sv. Nikola za samce 2011.

Regata za samce 2011.

Published / objavljeno: 03 pro 2011 09:35:00
Regata Sv.Nikola za samce 3.12.2010.

Regata za samce 2010

Published / objavljeno: 03 pro 2010 09:32:00

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